Products Overview

Developed by master estate planners Jonathan G. Blattmachr, JD and Michael L. Graham, JD our sophisticated planning/drafting software system includes three software modules. Included in this INTERACTIVE LEGALSUITE™ is the keystone software Wealth Transfer Planning™, along with Elder Law Planning™, and Essential Estate Planning. The most discerning Estate Planners in America  choose the INTERACTIVE LEGALSUITE software system as the most expansive collection of document drafting and productivity tools nationwide.

The document drafting portion of our system contains a collection of practice specific forms featuring many options to meet your clients’ planning needs.  They combine the power of drafting management systems with HotDocs® document assembly to deliver the most comprehensive productivity system for legal professionals. 

The productivity tools portion of our system allows you to access the tools needed to remain current within the ever-changing legal environment.  Some of these tools include:

Discussion Forums - Estate Planning Discussion Forum and Elder Law Planning Discussion Forum

Continued Education – Access to our webinars and library of courses

Access to exclusive content – Legal KnowledgeBase of specialized articles

Support – Live Online Support for your technical or content needs

Practitioner Referral Network – List of current Firms throughout the nation using InterActive LegalSuite to draft documents

Wealth Transfer Planning™ 

Wealth Transfer Planning™ is the most powerful drafting system and productivity tool for experienced trusts & estates attorneys. Developed by lawyers for lawyers, Wealth Transfer Planning™ is authored by Jonathan G. Blattmachr and Michael L. Graham, two of the nation's leading experts in estate planning, asset protection and taxation. No other system is as powerful or as comprehensive.

Elder Law Planning™ 

Elder Law Planning™ is a new breed of comprehensive drafting and productivity system for elder lawyers. Effective planning is at the heart of today's elder law practice. With the changes in the demographics, estate planning and elder law attorneys are routinely called upon to advise clients on long-term wealth preservation strategies. This system will aid in the planning phase, and then prepare the documents to implement the strategies. Stephen J. Silverberg, a Certified Elder Lawyer, is a member of our expert editorial team.

Essential Estate Planning™ 

Essential Estate Planning™ is specially designed for preparing documents for clients of modest wealth. Essential Estate Planning™ manages a large amount of transactional work and contains a collection of forms, each one featuring many options to meet most clients' planning needs.

Practice Management and Training

InterActive LegalSuite™ is subscription-based and renewable annually. The HotDocs® Player software is included with all licenses at no additional cost. Both versions are updated regularly through a web updating service. Twelve months of content updating service is included.

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